S.M. Gauge Co. Ltd. are a major UK supplier of grout gauges, pressure gauges and related equipment. We hold a good selection of grout gauges in our Bristol warehouse as well as offering customised gauge options. We also provide a full repair and calibration service traceable to national standards.

We have been registered and accredited by the NQA ISO 9001 Quality System since 1992.

Our industrial grout gauge caters for applications where a traditional diaphragm-sealed gauge may become blocked. Our standard grout probe was originally used for tunnelling and boring but is now used across various industries. The paper pulp probe has been designed for use at higher temperatures and the strengthened probe has a stainless steel insert making it ideal for coarse environments. All our grout gauges are glycerine filled as standard and we offer bespoke options such as customised dial printing, single/multiple scales and logos. We also offer a variety of adaptors and electrical contacts. If you have any questions, please contact us on +44 (0)117 9654615 or send us an enquiry using the form.